Look 4: Black Floral

   Good day readers, hope you all had a lovely day? mine was kinda boring but still alright. Today I will be talking about the fourth look in my summer collection "Black Floral" as you can see the name for this look came from the fabric, which is a mixture of black lace, black chiffon and floral print chiffon.
   If you take a closer look at most of my collections, I have this mad love for lace fabric, just can't do without them either in details or full garment. In this look I made use of it just in detail at the back of the dress. The inspiration behind this look is just simple freedom and fun.    
  Have a lovely day ahead guys, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all come back again. 

Look 3; Wild fun

  Good day readers how was your day, hope you guys had fun because i did, doing what i do best designing and making the designs come alive hmmmmm my pride and joy.
   This piece was inspired by the print and the need to have fun in what you wear. It's a rather simple dress but would probably not be picked by an everyday chic cause they are scared they won't pull it off. However it has the potential to look fab if worn properly. It's comfortable enough to party and dance the night away in but can also be used for romantic strolls on the beach with that special someone. Most importantly it's chic and sexy.
                                       Thanks for reading and I hope you keep coming back.

Look 2; Playful meets color

    Hi guys good day, I hope you all had a lovely day cause i did. Today I will be sharing the inspiration for my second look.
The inspiration behind this piece came from the need to do something fun, playful, ready to wear and appears to have loads of color even when it's just three colors we are seeing. This happens to be one my favorite piece in the collection it's says a lot about the 21st century girl who likes to have fun.
And as you all can see as well, the fabrics being used are easy on the skin.
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Look 1; Afro club party girl

   Good day readers, hope you all had a lovely Monday cause I did, watched THOR 2 and it was epic you guys should watch it.
   Well like I said in my previous post, today I will be talking about the inspiration behind the first look from my last summer lookbook.
Alright for this look. I wanted to go for an African version of a club party girl by making a sleeveless high neck peplum top with ankara fabric and coupling it with a sequined mini skirt, in order to make it hip and funky. Basically the inspiration of this look came from a  party scene, in which I try to put in a touch of both worlds.  
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Intro: Summer look book inspiration


Good day reader am Ola-dauda Sadiq C.E.O / Creative director of Ashford by Sadiq an upcoming urban ready to wear brand with a little bit of bespoke clothing as well. The vision for the brand started way back in high school as a science student with loads of creative talent. In this blog i will be posting each piece from my last summer collection with the inspiration behind them.
   Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy it and keep coming back.