With the creative mind behind "KELITOUCH" Bello Adejoke-Leah

Good day my lovely and fabulous readers from all over, hope y'll having a lovely day because I am. As you all know I'm all about my Nigerian fashion, today I bring to you an interview I had with my very good friend Bello Adejoke-Leah the creative mind behind "KELITOUCH".

Me- Can you tell us a little about yourself? Which should include your names, background and level of education.
Leah- I am Bello Adejoke Leah, the second and last born of two; myself and my brother. I am proud to say that my parents are missionaries although my dad is an ex militant (please do not ask me about that… lol), my mum was into pharmacy as well. But the Lord called and you know, everyone should put the Lord first. I am an Afe babalola university graduate; BSc. In ICS(Information and Communication Science).

Me- Give us little gist about KELITOUCH. What is it all about?
Leah- KELITOUCH is all about all what a girl wants or rather, needs. Beauty, makeup, fashion and the likes. Don't get me wrong, that is my vision for KELITOUCH. The vision is being worked on real hard but for now it is just about makeover (bridal and events; which can vary from birthdays and red carpets to photo shoots and makeovers) and beauty consultancy.

Me- Now that you are done with school as an ICS graduate, what's next? Is it gonna be KELITOUCH full time or more educational goals?
Leah- Since I'm planning on serving before going for my masters degree, I'll take KELITOUCH to the next level. Aside from makeup expect a KELITOUCH clothing line soon by God's grace.

Me- How did you come about the name KELITOUCH? Because it sounds kinda interesting to me.
Leah- Hmmmm…KELITOUCH; let me break it down. Keli stands for Kelilah which is one of my names. Kelilah means CROWN AND PERFECTION… so instead of putting the whole name that is Keliahtouch, which is too long for me, I shortened it to KELITOUCH; that I take to mean touch of perfection.

Me- Tell us about your day. What is a day at KELITOUCH like? It could be about when you go to give home service or when they come to you.
Leah- I would rather call it a ‘KELITOUCH’ day because KELITOUCH studio is still being set up, so I go to give services. Any KELITOUCH day is my happy day; I look forward to such a day impatiently. There is this joy when a person comes to meet me or I go to meet her or him and they leave smiling. For me, a KELITOUCH day is a day to create more networks. Although it could be stressful when I have many jobs to do, but I enjoy what I do. A KELITOUCH is a day of beauty advice and beauty itself. It is the kind of day I look forward to everyday.

Me- We all have that moment when we realize what we want to do with our lives, can you tell us about yours?
Leah- I've always known that I have a thing for beauty; but the day I realized it was the day was a day I played with a friend’s face and she came back telling me that a lot of people are coming to meet me for their dinner makeover and all sorts. That day , I was like, ok! KELITOUCH must be born officially. Thank God for that blessed day.

Me- So to every other person out there maybe male or female who wants to do what you do, what advice do you have for them?
Leah- My advice will always be to pray first and let God have his hands in your desired career. Also be humble, ask questions, research, be inquisitive about the field. Stalk the professionals in the field and try out what they do.  That helped me a lot. Sometimes you may need to get trained by anyone for it, you may be that talented. And lastly, learn to make do with what you have, be innovative with what you have.

Me- Thank you so much for your time.  I wish you a very successful future, and I'm looking forward to working with you.

For more info and inquires;
Cell: +2348033874374, +2348088748591
Email: belloadejokeleah@gmail.com
Instagram: kelitouch_officialpage 

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