Vlisco Unveils ‘Fantasia’ Lookbook Collection

Vlisco unveils its new lookbook collection titled "Fantasia". In this collection they gave us really edgy, beautiful, chic and colorful prints with creative and out of the box designs to match with it and to even make it much more interesting, each piece in the collection has its own name.
Check below to see

                          LOVE TO LAYER                                   CURVACEOUS COCKTAIL DRESS
                    PATCHWORK FLAIR                               THE PERFECT FUSION
                           LUSCIOUS LAYERING                                 HEAD TO TOE STYLE
                            CRAZY SIMPLICITY                            CONFIDENT CONBINATION
                             LAYER WITH PASSION                     MONOCHROME DELIGHTS
                            MIX & MATCH WIDELY                       UPGRADE YOUR LOOK
                            GORGEOUSLY GALA                                        TWO FOR TWO
                                DARE TO MATCH                                    SPICY STYLE
                             FEMININE FREEDOM                            BEACH BELLE

For full details on the collection and how to get them Check here

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